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De Poes Brewery produces a range of Premium Belgian Beers. We brew two Brands, the De Poes Brand and the Tielts Kloosterbier Brand. 

We Brew Belgian Style quality Ales with the Old Infusion brewing Technique.   We believe in Slow Brewing, no Hightech, the Natural Brewing Process, Respecting Lagering times from over 4 Weeks and a total Brewtime from Brewhouse up untill the Beer is Bottled takes up tot 8 Weeks. 


De Poes Brand

These are our Flagship Beers.  We have the following Beers in our Range:

- De Poes Export (Bottom Fermented Ale), Goldstraw - 4.8 ABV %, 25 IBU.  

- De Poes Houblon  (Top Fermented, Dry Hopped Ale), Coppergolden Ale, 5.5 ABV %; 30 IBU

- De Poes Speciale Belge (Top Fermented, Brewed accordingly a Recipy of 1928) Amber Coloured, 6 % ABV, 30 IBU

- De Poes Blond(e) (Top Fermented, Golden Hazy appearance, delicatly Hopped and contains spices), Gold Coloured, 8 ABV %, 30 IBU

- De Poes Brown (Top fermented, Dark Strong Ale). Dark Black Coloured with a Rich Roasted Taste, 8.5 ABV %,  25 IBU

Tielts Kloosterbier Brand

Accordingly our Brewing Traditions we produce two Abbey Ales for the local Monastery in Tielt Centrum.  

- Tielts Kloosterbier Blonde (Top Fermented, Delicatly Hopped) - Golden Coloured - 8 ABV % 

- Tielts Kloosterbier Brown (Top Fermented, Dark Strong Ale) - Dark Brown Coloured - 8 ABV % 

All our Beers are bottled in 33 CL APO/Vichy Bottles and refermented in the Bottle.  We Produce small quantity's of Beer but according the Highest Brewing Standards.  Proof as such can be found that several of our Beers are Internationally Awarded beers.  But no medal can replace a Taste Test. Interested in Tasting and Cooperating?  Feel Free to contact us and to get our Beers in your Bussines, Company. 

Do you want to Import our Beers into your country? Send us a mail and ask for the Import/Export price list. 

Interested? Mail: