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De Poes blond – alc 8% vol

De Poes blond is an unfiltered blond high-fermentation beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle. The beer is fruity with a slight sense of alcohol at the back of the tongue. By using very high-quality bitterness and aroma hops, we ensure that the bitterness is well-balanced. The used herbs provide a pleasant freshness and the reference to flowers and citrus.

Raw materials: barley, wheat, oats, corn, 2 Belgian hop varieties, water, herbs and yeast.
Fermentation method: high-fermentation
Alcohol content: alc 8% vol
Bitterness: moderate bitterness (30 IBU)

Available in bottles of 33 cl, 75 cl and barrel (30 litres)
Recommended serving temperature is between 8 and 10° Celsius.

De Poes – EXPORT – 4.8 % vol

De Poes Export is a blond low-fermentation beer. The beer is brewed in accordance with the rules of art. It has a light barley flavour and a typical aroma as can be expected from an EXPORT. De Poes Export is a tribute to the once extremely popular low-fermented Export beer: Type Dortmunder Pils.

De Poes – Export is brewed with only one cereal (barley) and high-quality bitterness and aroma hops, both 100% originating from Belgian soil. For De Poes – Export, we use the one and only real SAAZ aroma hop which gives it its characteristic soft flavour. What is exceptional in the production of this slim beer is that it is unfiltered, optimally retaining the flavourings.

De Poes – Export can be recognized by its white label with blue letters. We add no preservatives, so the beer is best consumed as fresh as possible. Best before 1 year after bottling.

Enjoy your beer from the bottle or in the typical De Poes glass.

Raw materials: barley, water, sugar, 2 Belgian hop varieties (including SAAZ)
Fermentation method: low-fermentation
Alcohol content: alc 4.8 % vol
Bitterness: moderate bitterness (25 IBU)

Available in 33-cl bottles and in barrels (20 – 30 litres).
Recommended serving temperature is 3° Celsius.