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About De Poes

The story of brewery De Poes dates back to 2012. Stijn David, who was trained as a baker and dietician, decided to further pursue his passion for food and for beer in particular. Brewery De Poes was founded in 2014 and was named after the brewer’s favourite pet.

Since the very beginning, we have been brewing our beer at Deca Services NV in Woesten with a capacity of 30 hectolitres per brewing day. In 2016, we installed our own 10-hectoliter microbrewery in Tielt. However, we chose to continue our good cooperation with Deca Services NV so we are now brewing on two sites. We have always brewed our beer ourselves, both in the new microbrewery in Tielt and in Woesten.

Quality first

Brewery De Poes guarantees high-quality and top-notch Belgian beers. What matters most for us is the quality of the end product. That quality is achieved by letting the craft of brewing and today’s knowhow go hand in hand. In that light, we opt for homegrown raw materials of the highest quality, which results in a wonderful and complex high-fermentation beer.

We use local malt and our hops originates from the fields in Poperinge. This allows our beer to proudly wear the “Belgian hops” label. These homegrown hops give the beer its pleasant bitterness and fruity touch.

Slow But sure Expansion

Since we Established our Brewery we graduatly have Increased our Brewing Capacity. We have now 3 Fermenting Vessels and 5 Lagering Tanks. We can Brew up to 80 HL pro Month.  Our Bottling Line has been completely Renewed, so we can Bottle about 2500 Bottles Pro Hour, this both 33 cl and 75 CL Bottles.  We Invested in a Process Water Tank, wich enables us to reduce our Waterwaste with about 33 %.  

Besides investing in our Productionfacility we also like to invest and Help our Brand Ambassadors. Are you situated abbroad and interested in importing our Beers to your Country? Feel Free to contact us, as we already Export to Japan, South Africa, etc.